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Mrs K Nicholson | Retired | Age 73 years

I first visited Brighouse Chiropractic about 12 months ago. I was having extreme attacks of pain at the bottom of my back and finding it difficult to walk and also do a lot of everyday tasks without being in discomfort. I had 4 sessions of physiotherapy arranged by my doctor, but it did not help at all. I found an advert for Brighouse chiropractic in my local news paper and decided to try it. I was a little apprehensive but even after the first weeks treatment I felt more comfortable. As time has passed I can now do things I found so painful before and no longer get the pain I had. I now attend once a month and feel the treatment has made my life much easier.

Susanne Dawson | Nurse | Age 53 years

I have worked as a nurse for over 30 years in busy teaching hospital wards causing inevitable wear and tear. Four years ago I fell down some steps and thought after three weeks the damage was repaired. Over the last four years my posture in compensating for the injury has caused tendinitis in my leg further starting in one foot then the other then tennis elbow bilaterally.

I was in pain especially in my neck when I came to chiropractic care. It took a few weeks to really feel the benefit. I now know that it has helped me immensely.

I was in pain on waking . I had some loss of sensation in my finger tips so unable to perform some tasks. I couldn't pack supermarket shopping or carrying the basket.

I have had individual attention to each issue as it arose but realised I needed holistic care. I know how important it is to care for the spine as it affects all the body and mind.

My life has improved a lot. I know that it is important to do the exercises given and to keep coming for maintenance care in order to live a full life.

Anne Kinder | Customer Manager | Age 51 years

I came to the clinic as I had been suffering with severe neck and shoulder pain and my doctor suggested I found a chiropractic clinic. I had previously tried taking pain killers and using a wheat bag & physiotherapy via my doctor but physio didn't work. The physio just used machines & tried acupuncture. So my doctor advised a chiropractor would use hands on manipulation & get to the root of the problem.

My problem caused pain when I was sat at work & when driving or just shopping. I had a burning sensation in my neck & left shoulder. Shopping was painful having to carry bags & driving to visit family at the seaside was getting too much when driving on the motorway.

After probably 4-5 sessions I started to feel the burning sensation in my neck and shoulder easing each week & I could go several days without pain. Now after completing my course of 10 sessions I don't have any pain. My neck and back feel more supple & flexible and I don't need to take any pain killers. Plus I have started to go back to the fitness classes which I had given up.

I do feel that Chiropractic care is still important to continue as I would not want to go back to how I was & certainly do not wish to suffer the pain I had.

Mavis Booth | Retired | Age 66 years

Two years ago I fell off a chair in Spain while tending to some climbing plants. When I came round I was on the tiled floor and I had knocked my head on a plant pot. I don't know how long I had been unconscious since I was alone at the time. For the next two days I had a bad headache and found it hard to walk because of the stiffness in my leg and hip.

When I returned home I went to my doctor who couldn't find anything wrong so she prescribed painkillers. The painkillers did work but when I didn't take them the pain came back in my hip and leg and I was unable to sleep in any position other than on my back. During this period I would wake up on my side in terrible pain until I took another painkiller. I made many visits to the doctor and asked her if I needed a hip replacement. She said that my hip joint was good, prescribed stronger painkillers and booked me in for a course of physiotherapy. After two months of more pain, I phoned the physio but there was a long waiting list at the time.

My son-in-law who had been a Sergeant Major in the army and served time in Afghanistan advised me to go to a Chiropractor. He had gone through more or less the same problem as I had with pain in his back. The Physiotherapy didn't help him and eventually his friend recommended a chiropractor. Neal had three slipped discs and on his first visit he was crying with pain and although the treatment he received was very painful, he walked out free of pain. He was looking at our local Brighouse magazine and noticed that the Brighouse Chiropractic was offering a free assessment so he encouraged me to phone up to book an appointment.

I didn't have much confidence at first but I was desperate and couldn't take much more pain. The first morning I struggled getting up the stairs to the surgery door.

In the beginning I saw Dr Usman three times weekly and gradually the pain started to subside and for a few days I had peace and was able to sleep in various positions. In addition I would wake up refreshed and not in pain. I had been sleeping in a chair in the lounge propped up for three months before I started my course of treatment. At this point the pain would gradually return after a few days. After a few months I was pain free for longer periods and looked forward to my next appointment. When we had done as much as we could with manipulations Dr Usman suggested that I should have my lower back X-rayed because he was certain that a particular small section of my vertebrae was out of place. As this fitted in with the fact that part of my back was often numb so I agreed. The X-ray showed that three sections of my spine were wearing and fusing together. The doctor had been right about my hip-joint being strong. When I go for treatment now the manipulation involved is targeted at that particular problem and now I feel much fitter even to the point of taking quite long walks and gentle cycling. I am still conscious of my inherent spinal problem however and have to be careful not to strain my back.

It has made such a change to my lifestyle and now that I know that my problem is not age related, which was my main concern initially, I am very positive about the matter. I now go for treatment once each month and if I sprain my back or hip I give Dr Usman a call and he treats it before it becomes a problem again. The enormous difference chiropractice has made to me has also improved my husband's lifestyle so much so that he refers to my chiropractor as ¬'Usman the Magnificent'.